About Us

Why Choose Score Higher?  

Score Higher acknowledges that there are several other ACT prep options in the area. We are confident that we can exceed your expectations. When asked what they consider as the most important factors when choosing a tutoring service, parents and students responded: good value, experienced teachers, engaging instruction, guaranteed results, ACT expertise, and accessibility.

Score Higher used this information to create the very best in Test Prep across a four state region. We continue to use these factors, combined with your feedback, to offer you the highest level of expertise and the best value for your investment. We are so confident in our success rate and so completely devoted to boosting scores, that we guarantee results.

Once your child is enrolled, we continue to maintain a high level of communication. We know that a student’s performance in our class, and subsequently on the actual ACT, is enhanced by a partnership with parents. It’s not uncommon to meet with a prospective student and his parents prior to enrolling in the class. Together we look at baseline scores and develop a plan to attack the ACT. Throughout the course, we continue to stay in touch to help you and your child make the most of our instruction. If your child does not complete homework, you can expect to hear from us. Likewise, if you have concerns or need to schedule a make-up class, we will do our best to work with you.

About Joy Lentz  

Joy Lentz, director of Score Higher, is a veteran teacher with over 25 years experience. She has a bachelors degree in education and a Master’s degree in English/Readng. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and has served as a classroom teacher as well as a teacher of Gifted/Talented students. She has developed a unique delivery system that combines sound instruction while incorporating engaging and interactive activities to maximize learning. Her staff is carefully selected from veteran Master teachers or college students who have earned perfect ACT subtest scores. As a result, ninety nine percent of Score Higher students have increased ACT scores an average of 4-9 points, earning admission to elite colleges and access to millions of scholarship dollars.

Meet Joy Lentz

Teacher Qualifications Score Higher offers only the best instructors. Some tutoring services are known for a high teacher turnover rate. Score Higher is proud to state that our Master Teachers have remained constant for all fifteen years of our existence. The DIrector, Math, and Science instructors are Master Teachers, each with 25+ years of teaching experience. Our staff has Graduate degrees in Reading, English, Science and Math. In addition, the instructors have carefully researched ACT strategies, thus offering the highest level of expertise in the area. In our Summer Intensive Camp, instructors include recent college grads who have earned perfect scores on ACT Subtests.