Listen to what students and parents say about Score HIgher:

Undoubtedly as a direct result of your class, I was able to raise my composite score 
from a previously high score of 32 to a 35. My math scores leaped from a 28 to a 36. 
I cannot tell you how appreciative I am.
— McCracken County High School student

Score Higher gave me the tools and individual attention needed to perform my best 
on the ACT.  I was very happy with my test scores and the opportunities it presented.
— St. Mary Student

Thank you so much for believing in me! You kept telling me I could make a 30, 
and I didn’t believe until now! You have made my life so much easier (:
— Graves County Student

My son is just a sophomore and with your help he scored a 33! The doors are now 
open to any college he chooses to attend.
— Tilghman Parent

Our daughter’s perfect Reading score of 36 was published in our local paper. 
Thank you Score Higher for helping her to achieve the top scores.
— Tilghman Parent

I scored a composite score of 27 as a mid-year junior. That was a four point increase.  
I’m confident that I can increase my score again before applying for scholarships.
— McCracken County High School Student

Score Higher ACT Prep not only raised my ACT score, but it also taught me good study habits.
— Paducah Tilghman High School student

Your class helped me get into the college of my dreams and into the program I wanted.
— McCracken County High School student

Score Higher helped me get the scholarships I needed.
— St. Mary student

We hit the money!  
— St. Mary Parent